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21st Century Philanthropy

Continuing the Discussion

Anne Arundel Women Giving Together hosted an event on Sunday, March 13th, a panel discussion on “The Emerging Face of 21st Century Philanthropy”.

It was an interesting, inspiring discussion about future directions for philanthropy but just a start.  To give us all the opportunity to keep learning, each of our three speakers from the panel discussion, Jennifer Pryce, President and CEO of the Calvert Foundation, Valaida Fullwood, Founding Member of New Generation of African American Philanthropists, and Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Philanthropy Advisor, BBS Consultants, to share five links to articles or other media that could continue to inform our thoughts and discussion on philanthropy.

True to the message of the power of new forms of media, they offered links to a video, websites, news articles from mainstream publications, white papers, and blog posts - each exploring a different facet of philanthropy. 

We are happy to share them with you below and hope you enjoy this diverse set of articles and media exploring different ways of thinking about philanthropy. 

We also hope that you continue to engage in your community, and keep AAWGT in mind as a pathway to give back and get engaged in Anne Arundel County. If you’re not a member and would like to know more about joining, click here


From Jennifer Price 

US SIF’s Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends 

A biennial report on the scope of sustainable, responsible and impact investing in the United States.  This is a link to the 2015 report.

Women, Wealth & Impact: Investing with a Gender Lens 2.0 

A report prepared by Veris Wealth Partners LLC about what they call “gender lens investing.”   According to the report, an investor using a gender lens to empower women evaluates opportunities based on how that investment supports women’s leadership, women’s access to capital, products and services beneficial to women and girls, workplace equity, and related shareholder engagement and policy work.  Investments that satisfy one or more of these criteria are presumed to deliver greater impact to women and girls.

Spotlight on the Market: The Impact Investor Survey

A research report released by J.P. Morgan and the Global Impact Investing Network. The survey summarizes activity in the field of “impact investing”.   


From Valaida Fullwood

The Four Traditions of Philanthropy | Elizabeth Lynn and Susan Wisely


A short paper exploring four traditions in philanthropy, centered around the idea that philanthropy focuses on human connectedness.  The authors explore the traditions of relief, improvement, and social reform.  The authors then suggest a fourth tradition – of connectedness, which could also be framed as civic engagement.

Could giving circles rebuild philanthropy from the bottom up? | Angela Eikenberry


A short article exploring ideas about giving circles and their impact on philanthropy.

The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited | Valaida Fullwood, Charles W. Thomas, Jen Crickenberger


A link to information about a photography exhibit and associated narratives about African American giving traditions, developed by Valaida Fullwood and Charles Thomas.

Cultures of Giving: Energizing and Expanding Philanthropy by and for Communities of Color | WK Kellogg Foundation


A link to a report commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.  The report argues that supporting organized charitable giving and leveraging resources within communities of color on their own behalf is essential for driving social change.  

[ philanthropy reframed ] | Giving Back Project


A short video (less than 3 minutes) which shares stories of philanthropy.


From Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz

Buffy is an author, among several other women, of Women and Philanthropy: Boldy Shaping a Better World.  It provides a wide-ranging discussion about the unique and powerful dimensions of women and philanthropy. Below are links to the Facebook page and the Twitter accounts for the book, both of which provides ongoing information about women and philanthropy, and the 

Women & Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World 


The Gender Gap in Charitable Giving 

An article from the Wall Street Journal on the gender gap in charitable giving.

20 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats 

A very interesting article providing an overview of fundraising and social media, published by NonProfit TechForGood, a social and mobile media blog for nonprofits.

Top 10 Fundraising Trends and Predictions for 2016 

An article with an assessment of the top ten fundraising trends and predictions for 2016 

2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report  

A great guide for Non Profit Marketing.

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