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AAWGT: Over 10 years of making a difference in our community!

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Founders’ Award

Purpose:  To further the work and the ideals of the AAWGT by recognizing and celebrating the efforts of a member who has demonstrated exemplary service to the organization, the AAWGT Founders’ Award is presented to the recipient at the annual  Members Only Meeting.  The Award consists of a printed citation of thanks and a memento engraved with AAWGT and the name of the honoree and year.

History:  The award was established in 2007 in keeping with the community-minded spirit and generosity shown in 2006 by AAWGT’s original 15 founders: Colleen Baldwin, Patricia Barland, Joy Beer, Kathleen Brooks, Shauna Chabot, Anna Greenberg, Barbara Hoffstein, Betsy Kimrey, Becki Kurdle, Debbie Daugherty, Lynda Salamon, Sharon Stewart, Susan Swayze, Helene Tenner and Abbie von Schlegel.

Criteria:  The award is based on a member’s outstanding participation in the organization; length of service; specific initiatives and achievements and their impact; raising awareness about and broadening the image of AAWGT; innovation; and breadth and spirit to inspire and raise the capacity of other members for AAWGT’s collective good.

Laurie Sharp Running with Scissors Award

Laurie Sharp was a woman who saw no barriers to success.  She always had an idea and a plan! A plan that included creativity, problem solving, inclusiveness, transparency, and implementation. She had a desire to improve the world and create opportunities for leadership.  In doing all of this – and with her wild and zany sense of humor – Laurie would say she was “running with scissors.” She did run with scissors, but always with the best of intents and for the right reasons! She left a wonderful legacy for AAWGT and we honor her contributions with this award. (Laurie Sharp – AAWGT Member from December 31, 2007 – March 21, 2014 and President 2013).

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