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AAWGT: Making a difference in our community!

First Recipients of the Laurie Sharp Running with Scissors award

As an evolving women’s giving circle, AAWGT has been developing its grant program for eight years. Lo and behold there came a time when the complexity and growth of the system clashed with the ability of AAWGT to keep track of its process using paper and pens and clunky IT. But it came to pass that several visionaries in AAWGT had a glimmer of an idea.  Would it be possible to change the course of the grants cycle by placing it on a new and stronger platform.  First, there was the need to get buy in from strategic leaders!  Following that, were many months of rigorous research as well as miles traveled for discovery!  Finally, there was the quest for funding for the first three years of operation.  The initial process took well over a year and yet another to implement the plan. Persistence and patience dominated!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The “running with scissors” idea has blossomed from plan to reality! AAWGT now has a brand new on-line grant process that ensures a future of procedural integrity as well as continuing historical and statistical perspective for our philanthropy.
AAWGT prodigiously thanks the following women for their incredible steadfastness and leadership in birthing and developing this new tool for the Giving Circle.

Judy Coughlin: for her vision of seeing the need for sustainability of the grants process.
Barbara Haight: for technical expertise in programming and implementing the data for the on-line program.
Sandy Sweeney: for her dedication to making sure the essence and heart of the grants process was included in the new innovation.
Bronwyn Belling: for her continuing historical perspective and hands on labor of love for improving the grants process and AAWGT.
We hereby designate the above four AAWGT members as the First Inaugural recipients of the Laurie Sharp Running with Scissors Award.

DATE: May 13, 2015
Maureen Cavaiola, President 2015
Mary Grace Folwell, Vice President/President Elect 2015
Karen Smith, Immediate Past President 2014

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