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2016 Founders’ Award - MELANIE TEEMS


Melanie Teems was recognized at the fall membership meeting for her outstanding service to AAWGT as she received the 2016 Founders’ Award. The award acknowledges exemplary participation in the organization, length of service, specific initiatives and achievements and their impact, history of raising awareness and broadening the image of AAWGT, and ability to inspire members to work for the collective good. Melanie has done all that and more!

Melanie was deeply involved in 2007 in developing criteria for nonprofits to apply for AAWGT grants and was active in the process of first distributing grant applications. She has gone on to serve on the Grants Committee and as a reviewer and team leader. The individual who nominated her said it this way: “Her involvement with the Grants, Post-Grants and Grantee Connect Committees during AAWGT’s formative and later years helped ground our organization’s professionalism and image.”

In addition, Melanie created a number of policies, documents, and presentations designed to train applicants to understand the requirements of AAWGT funding and learn to write comprehensive, well-thought-out proposals. This preparation has been instrumental, particularly with smaller organizations, in helping them “up their game” when applying for funding from any source.  She also developed a grant reviewer worksheet with a comprehensive list of questions for reviewers to use in evaluating applicants as well as a tutorial for reviewers on preparing for and completing an efficient, thorough, fact finding site visit.

Most recently, Melanie served on the 10th Anniversary Committee to plan events to commemorate AAWGT’s first decade of service to Anne Arundel County. Again quoting from her nomination: “Melanie’s selfless and steady involvement in AAWGT represents the bookends of the organization from its fledgling start in 2006 to its now robust state in 2016. Melanie inspires all to be and do their best.”

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